Pastoral Greetings

Thank you for visiting Canaan On Line. We are a full-service church that offers opportunities to FOCUS on your relationship with God. Our ministry opens windows to the soul through Expository Preaching, Relevant Teaching, and Effective Witnessing. Whether you worship with us on Sunday Morning, Wednesday evening, or attend Christian Education classes throughout the week, we minister to the total person – physically, mentally, Spiritually.

God has called this congregation of believers into the Ministry of Evangelism and Discipleship. Our main objective is to be obedient to the Lord’s command to “Make Disciples;” therefore, we are “A Going Church for A Coming Christ!” The S.W.A.T. Team(Soul Winning Action Team) goes into “the hedges and highways” (Luke 14:23) to share the love of Jesus with lost souls. People Available to Contact and Encourage (P.A.C.E.) follow-up on those who are experiencing pressure and pain from the hassles of life.

People are not saved through human craftiness, neither are they saved by clever roundtable discussions of humanistic thoughts and ideas. People are saved by the preaching of the Gospel, presented with clarity, and in the power of the Holy Spirit! As Pastor and Preacher, my supreme task is to preach the Gospel, suffusing the mind with light, empowering the emotions with the splendor of revelation, and capturing the Will for God.

We are privileged and proud to participate in this great work of God – Evangelism and Discipleship – and we invite you to share in our love for people, which we do with redemptive passion and responsive action.

Rev. B. J. Tatum
Senior Pastor